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Moving to Hugo

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Hi there! I’m moving my blog to Hugo. I’ve been using Jekyll for a while, but I’ve been wanting to try out Hugo (not the trol one) for a while now. I’m using GitHub Pages and GitHub Actions for deployment. If you’re using Jekyll, GitHub automaticly builds your site for you, but with Hugo you have to do it yourself using GitHub Actions. So I’ve tested Hugo to see if it’s worth the effort. And it is!

Hugo is just so easy to use, customize and deploy. Of course, it’s written in Go :)

With Hugo you can use Go templates to create your own themes or use one of the many themes that are available on Hugo Themes . I’ve used the Blowfish theme for this site. It’s a very nice, minimalist theme and it’s easy to customize. I’ve also added a few customizations of my own. Maybe I’ll write my own theme in the future.

Mücahit Kurtlar
Mücahit Kurtlar
I like to share my knowledge with others.